Hello world, I’m Marcus.

I’m a commercial photographer based in Munich, Bavaria. I’d like you to know some personal attributes, which seem to have a significant impact on my work. I love to get involved into the conception of visual advertisement. The power of rendering photography out of an idea, or a simple message, entertains me the most. There is nothing more thrilling, than the pursuit of reaching the target audience with a precisely specified subjective effect, without being told how this can be achieved. While many tend to call this process “art”, I like to see it strictly as science. Chasing my urge to gain helpful academic knowledge, I achieved the following degrees at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich: 

Sociology - Bachelor of Arts 

I mostly focused my research on pop culture, gender and visual (one way) communication. Understanding the construction of social groups (in general) was a key capability I managed to achieve, allowing me to focus on very specific target audiences. Furthermore I’m able to oversee (while being on the set of the production) that social and political correctness persist accurate on the needed standards and still that the Corporate Identity of my client is always present in my work. 

Anthropology of Europe – Master of Arts 

European Culture – not just in general, but specifically focused on the conception of fashion as a cultural phenomenon. My research dealt mostly with European culture as an exportable good in non-European cultures (mostly fashion related, but also pop culture in general). A huge part of my academic work is the scientific understanding of fashion-related professions and professional relationships in the fashion industry. 

And some traveling 

Actually – quite much traveling. Understanding the own culture and society is only possible, if one is able to understand the differences to other cultures and societies. I believe that this is the reason for my huge interest in traveling and also for the focus of my work as a photographer; mainly on the people of other countries rather than on their landscapes.